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We’ve been engaged in genealogical research within Wales & South West areas, collectively for over 20 years.

Primarily we are a genealogical research company, engaged in finding missing heirs to estates of deceased persons, whether testate or intestate, we perform this activity in association with Celtic Research Ltd, who have over 40 years’ experience, we take on cases from Bona Vacantia, solicitors, businesses and private individuals, as well as doing research for local public bodies.

We have been engaged in genealogical research in Wales and the South West collectively for over 20 years we specialise in Ancestral research in Wales and the South West, but not limited to these areas.

South African ancestry and British ancestry for South Africans is one pet projects, as all three of us in the office are South African and we welcome any requests from South Africans.

We are also actively involved in finding missing persons for a variety of clients.

Finding missing family members and loved ones, and we have many success stories, although not all cases can be cracked, and unfortunately, some people remain missing, but we do have huge resources to help.

On an international note, one of the services we provide is to provide proof of British Ancestry for UK Ancestral Visa Applications.

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