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It is 100 years since the onset of World War One, there has been no better time to research your family history to remember and celebrate your family’s involvement, there is a goldmine of information out there and we at Bond Lane Research are itching to find it for you.

With our Family Tree Builder you can choose a standard package, or choose the number of generations and branches you would like us to find for you.
We have various packages available to suit your budget, we aim to provide you with in-depth research into your family history. We strive to take you back in time and find out all the mysteries about your family members you knew about and didn’t know about.

At Bond Lane Research we specialize in genealogical and ancestral research. We are experts in tracing your family history, and provide you with the results you want, by either standard  or bespoke family tree packages to include who they were, where they lived, where and for whom they served, their occupations and much much more.

With many years of genealogical research, specializing in finding family members, ancestors and descendant’s research we are your answer to all your dreams of finding out about your family history

We have access to millions of records and we have the wealth of knowledge and experience to provide you with the information you need to find out about your family history we not only use all available on line data, but our unlimited archive of knowledge and access data available to us through our years of experience research and subscriptions, along with our access to all local and national archives, registries and libraries make your search requirements achievable.

Binder includes:

  • Title page
  • Table of contents
  • Introduction
  • Kinship report (shows your relationships)
  • extended family tree
  • Ahentafal genealogical report (root person)
  • Index
  • Includes all sources and additional information found, such as occupation, address, possible war records.


  • Travel & Expenses
  • Certificates or certified copies
  • Third party Search Fees
  • International research or searches  (incurs additional costs subject to quote)

Alternatively, should you wish a bespoke package please email us providing a brief outline of your research requirements.

Are you an amateur genealogist, or just the family historian has your family tree research become difficult? Our extensive catalogue and access to records enabling our customers to move their family tree research forward

At Bond Lane Research we can track down important documents such as Birth, Marriage and Death certificates with ease and we can. carry out this work for you on your behalf. Alternatively we can provide packages to suit all your requirements, should the packages below not meet your criteria, please submit your details describing your criteria in brief, and we will be in touch, to give you a quote.  Please email or call Bond Lane Research om +44(0)1633 669399.

 Please note: All packages will include Book presentation binder.

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