Find Missing Relatives

Have you have tried everything you know to find missing relatives, and are now out of ideas? Don’t despair we may be able to find them. Relatives are missing for many reasons and we deal with these type of cases regularly.

For example, it may be a fall out in the family in the distant past, emigration or the death of a key individual. Or maybe they are estranged or you have simply lost contact with them. Our Bond Lane Research team will use all our vast national and international resource to search for them. Although we cannot give a 100% guarantee, we have been successful in many cases.

Typically research into a helping to find missing relatives will include Internet-based resources, local area visits and investigations in the area, researching, in Libraries, Press, Archives, Registries, and social media.

Find missing relatives

International research will include as well as most of the above, engagement of international agents.

We will search for the relative to be found. If we find them, then we will conduct a verification process, to verify the person we have found is your relative. When we are certain that they are your relative, then we will contact you and let you know our findings. All the records we find are public record, we will give these to you, for you to do as you wish with the information.

Our research is only as good as the information provided to us. As such being reliant on this, in a small number of cases, the information provided by the client may be too vague, for the investigation to be successful.

South Wales and the South West of England are our specialist areas. However we are able to cover the UK as a whole, when searching for missing relatives. We also have the capacity to search for people in South Africa, and Australasia, as well as mainland Europe. Recently we have reunited siblings that had been separated as infants and very young children, over 50 years ago.

Please note in all investigations into finding missing relatives, we do not act as an intermediary. It is up to the client to make contact with the missing person if they so wish.

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