We provide forensic genealogical services for solicitors

Helping to locate heirs both locally, nationally & internationally

tracing of heirs to intestate estatesBond Lane Research provide forensic genealogical services for solicitors, we have over 10 years’ experience and currently have a 95% success rate. We locate heirs both locally, nationally & internationally, whether you are faced with an intestacy or need to trace a person or a document, we can help you. For example, we can trace:

  • Missing beneficiaries named in a Will,
  • Legally entitled beneficiaries in cases of intestacy,
  • Pension fund holders Or Insurance Policy Holders and their legal beneficiaries,
  • Locate and provide Grant Documents and civil records.
  • Provide a genealogical report for missing beneficiary insurance.

We can also locate other relevant people such as trustees, executors and title holders. Bond Lane Research sets a high standard of genealogical services, we have a reputation for thoroughness, integrity and efficiency.

We offer a fast, and friendly service at affordable rates- and, we verify, reference and prove, all information, so as to provide a sound legal result. We don’t cut corners. Our forensic genealogical reports and conclusions can be relied upon and are readily accepted for Missing Beneficiary Indemnity insurance by all our main insurance providers.

Our headquarters are in Newport South Wales, and we are associates of Celtic Research Ltd, which gives us access to offices around the country and a global network of agents. You can find out more about us in our list of services and our clients’ testimonials.

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