Seeking Natalie Rosemarie Burgess

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We are searching for Natalie Rosemarie Burgess born 1937 Vital Facts Natalie’s paternal grandfather was English and paternal grandmother was Danish. Natalie’s maternal grandfather was English and maternal grandmother was Irish. Natalie’s parents were both White & born in South Africa. Her fathers’ name may have been Tom. Natalie has a younger sister. Natalie’s family...

Another Satisfied Client

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Imminent Reunion… About 30 years ago I was told a fantastic story from my mother. Way back in 1959 she had a daughter that she had to give up for adoption. The fact that she told me one night means she never forgot this child. Thanks to the dedicated team at Bond Lane Research I...

Bond Lane Research company get it right again!

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“Dear Donovan, Just wanted to say thanks for your tireless work, Just to let you know – we had had 2 other research companies, working on this – but you are the ones that got it right and nailed it”

Act Responsibly And Write A Will

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Speaking at the LSE Legacy Futures Lunch, Hector Birchwood urged young professionals to take control, act responsibly and write a Will:

Father Found! In South Africa!

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Bond Lane Research undertake family research & successfully locate a father in South Africa! Bond Lane Research have successfully located a father, for a family reunion agency in the UK.

Caribbean Estate Entitlement

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Bond Lane Research have been engaged to investigate entitlement to a substantial estate in the Caribbean.

Local Family History Research

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Bond Lane Research is currently undertaking research for several local family histories.

British Ancestry Research

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Bond Lane Research have been engaged to undertake research of British Ancestry for a French South African.

Birth Family Research

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Bond Lane Research have been recently engaged to assist in searching for the birth family of several adoptees.

Researching Descendants Of Hugh Straughan Wilkinson 1875 -1953

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Bond Lane Research have been engaged to research the South African descendants of Hugh Straughan Wilkinson 1875-1953 “Distributor of Stamps SA 1908-1917”, by his biographer.

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