Heirs To Intestate Estates

Working hand in hand with our associates Celtic Research Ltd, we search for living relatives of persons that have died without leaving a will (intestate), on occasion these are estates advertised by the Treasury (Bona Vacantia). Our aim is in these cases to locate living relatives of close enough kin to claim the estate, thus enabling the proceeds of the estate to go to these relatives rather than the government coffers.

Bona Vacantia adverts provide very little information about the deceased person, and more often than not, it requires substantial and difficult research to identify potential heirs. Celtic Research’s business is that of locating missing heirs, which is something that they have been doing for over 43 years and their track record proves that they know how to find people and recover unclaimed assets, we have been collaborating with them for over 5 years.

From the information given to us, which is usually sparse and incomplete, we conduct research and construct a family tree. We then locate current contact details of individuals whom we believe have an interest in an estate, and we then hope all this work will lead us to the nearest living kin of a deceased person who has maybe died intestate; or perhaps help us locate the beneficiaries named in a Will who cannot be found.

It is then our responsibility to locate all of the relevant beneficiaries AND all the records that allow us to prove conclusively the relationship between the deceased person and those persons whom we believe to be their lawful next-of-kin.

The Team at Celtic Research has also provided research expertise for TV production companies and other media agencies over the years:

We have worked as Genealogical Consultants for the Granada TV show: “Find a Fortune,” with Carol Vorderman; as well as the US syndicated show, ‘Unsolved Mysteries’. We’ve also featured in the BBC1 television series: “Heir Hunters”. View Some Clips from the series!