Locate Relatives Of Adoptees & Research/Trace Adopted Relatives.

Adoptee Research, Trace Adoptees, Adopted Relatives, Adoption ResearchBond Lane Research can assist when there is a need to trace relatives of adoptees and can research and trace adopted relatives.

We work hand in hand with a specialist agency to research and locate relatives of adoptees

It is very sensitive and we adhere to strict guidelines and criteria set down by the agency in relationship to disclosure of personal information

Typically we conduct research until we find a potential relative, we will then go through a verification process, using all available official records to prove their kinship.

Once the kinship of the relative is proven, and we are certain we have the right individual, the contact process is taken over by the agency, and they then facilitate meeting/ contact process for the individuals concerned, they are experts in the field of adoption and social service, and provide the much needed intermediary process required in such matters.

We take great pleasure in being part of the process in these cases especially when they are successful, and our dedicated team, pull out all the stops to find the relatives, in these extremely sensitive cases. We have had success with a number of difficult cases to date.

Typically our research can span international borders, and can take many months to complete and on some occasions, years. This type of research is very reliant on the latest information available, and in our global social networking world, new information becomes available constantly, only once all possible and available resources are exhausted do we archive the case.

This is not the end of it though, when a case is archived we will revisit it, on a regular basis.

We cover UK & Mainland Europe, with our specialist area’s being South Wales & South West England, internationally, South Africa and Australasia.

There is a fee for our research, and a fee for the Agency (see Fees)

If you are an adoptee and you know who the relative is you wish to find then you may just wish to use our research service only, we would be pleased to do this for you, and once we had found and verified the correct individual, we would pass you our results, but we would not be able to act as an intermediary.

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