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We have been established, since 2009, starting from small beginnings, we have grown, by establishing strong relationships, with companies and researchers. These are the vital partnerships that we require to provide the genealogy and research services we offer to the needs of our customers.

We are customer driven and are constantly reviewing our services and processes to be able to provide excellent customer service

Being a small tight unit with long arms, gives us low overheads so we are very affordable, and our fees reflect this, it also allows us to extend our reach.

Bond Lane Research genealogists and agents have many years of research expertise between them, we are passionate about our work. We approach each case given its merits, and the more diverse the better, we love the detective work as well as the research. The intrigue and the unknown excite us, and we have solved many a case that has come to us second hand and has been on-going for many a year. In association with genealogy & research company Celtic Research, our genealogists have appeared on Heir Hunters, and are continually engaged in offering our expertise to them

At Bond Lane Research we have a young and dynamic team who strive to achieve the best possible results for our clients. We are committed and passionate about our work and have tripled our size since 2009, with further expansion planned in the future. Our success as led us to be regarded as a leading genealogy & ancestry research company in our field, especially in the South Wales area.

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