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We are a professional firm of genealogists, but family orientated, with low overheads. We specialise in tracing missing family members of adopted persons, this can be a very stressful time for those involved, and we work alongside our associates, to provide a fully comprehensive, support and advisory service.

Genealogists Bond Lane Research, offer a range of services, including ancestry research, trace missing heirs & adoption research.

One of the key service that Bond Lane Research genealogists provide a full research service, for South Africans and other nationalities wishing to prove their British Ancestry. This type of full research is often used when it is required for proof when making an ancestral visa application, which includes finding the required certification. Genealogical research for historians, we have been instrumental, in providing vital research for a number of historians and biographers.

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Solicitors often are required to identify and locate unknown family members or missing heirs to estates that they have been charged with are administering. Bond Lane Research genealogists have been able to successfully find these persons in numerous cases. Institutions such as councils use our services for tracing legal owners of rental properties.  Many financial institutions including banks and insurance companies opt to use our service, tracing heirs to “missing millions “

Family History, research is provided on a case by case basis, please contact us for a quote or give us a call on +44(0)1633 669399.

Our specialist local region of research is South Wales & South West of England including Herefordshire & Gloucestershire. Bond Lane Research genealogists provide these services mainly in the UK, & South Africa, but can also take on projects covering USA, Australasia, and Jamaica.

Genealogists Bond Lane Research work in close association with one of the UK’s leading geneaology researchers, Celtic Research.

We work in association, with one of the UK’s top genealogists Celtic Research, overseas agents and a leading adoption research service provider. Bond Lane Research genealogists have strong links, in the genealogy world, with access to millions of records. If you have a difficult case that no one so far has been able to solve, or you have hit a brick wall with your own research then you’ve come to the right place!

genealogistsFor indepth research, contact our team of dedicated genealogists – Email or call Bond Lane Research +44(0)1633 669399.

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